Ostara – FAQ

Power supply need to be checked.

There is no problem, Ostara uses some memory space for its functionality.

Please verify that no other devices like smartphone, laptop, tablet are connected to the product.

First of all you have to check that the station is set to record data. If the station finds no files in the memory it will not transmit anything. If files are present in the station please check SIM card settings (refer to manual) and make sure that the SIM card is activated with operator.

You can use your own SMTP/FTP servers or use the servers predefined in the station. In case you use your own servers you have to check that your server meets our protocol constraints (refer to the manual). To identify the source issue you can use our SMTP server and confirm that the modem is sending e-mails.

The last thing to look at is the power supply. 

It has been observed that some functionnality are blocked by some provider.

Firstofall please note that M2M SIM card (machine-to-machine ) must be used for modem communication.
Standart SIM Card (phone call use with data included) often forbid machine to machine communication.

Also, problems have been encountered with SFR provider in France in FTPs port 21 (explicit).
The solution for this particular case is to use the FTPs port 990 (implicit) mode or to use an other port  for FTPs explicit mode.

Please pay attention to test the modem transmission before its deployement.

Any other questions ?

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